Pick the One you like.

The most common question I get asked is “which work out plan to follow?”. “Which is the best diet?”. “Which fitness YouTubers should I follow?”. “Should I do CrossFit?” “I’ve been doing this workout should I change?”. “I heard about this diet, is it better than the one I follow?”. My answer always tends to... Continue Reading →

The 5 year test.

I often joke that I’m so used to things going wrong all the time that I’ve almost come to expect it. When things go right for an unusual length, I start suspecting that something is fishy. The ability to laugh in the face of adversity is not a superpower that I was born with. It’s... Continue Reading →


Waiting to find your passion, waiting for the right opportunity to come by, waiting for the right idea to strike, is like waiting to spot the loch ness monster. It doesn’t happen. What fuels this futile endeavor is reading stories of how entrepreneurs came up with their brilliant ideas seemingly out of the blue. This... Continue Reading →

Algorithm Vs Grit

I was finally going to finish the project. To find out how many of the 500 loan applicants were creditworthy. It was a data analytics project to build a model that could predict worthiness of a loan applicant. The model, when tested against previous data had an accuracy of 80%. Great, let’s run it! I... Continue Reading →

Reviews are overrated

How have we gotten to this point where we cannot go anywhere without checking the reviews? Seriously are we now going to get into an argument for half an hour over which cafe to visit cos some douchebag thought the ice tea in this cafe had too much ice and decided to review it? Fuck... Continue Reading →

Annoying Fly

It’s like a fly. Tiny little fly that buzzes around you. Ruining your mood, your evening, Your peace of mind. You try to ignore it, pretend it is not there, but you just can’t. That’s what insecurities are. A fly. Buzzing around, touching, pricking, desperately trying to get your attention. Waiting for you to chase... Continue Reading →

The best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of it.” ― Cheryl Strayed, Tiny Beautiful Things:

What I’ve learned from 2 days of fasting

Source: The Mind Unleashed All my life I have been brainwashed into thinking that skipping a meal especially breakfast will kill me. I’ll faint, I’ll start getting gastric problems, my body won’t function properly, I’ll lose muscle mass and on and on. This is what people always told me.And if you are Indian like me, never... Continue Reading →

Learning a new Language

How to learn any language fast. Learning a new language is hard, especially as an adult. But the truth is anyone can do it if you’re motivated enough. All it takes is some effort.Growing up in India, I was lucky to have people speaking different languages around me. As a result, I can speak 4 languages... Continue Reading →

“You have to risk going too far to discover just how far you can really go.”             -Jim Rohn

National unsubscribe day

We have all sorts of utterly pointless remembrance days. Who needs a national pasta day? People who have forgotten to eat pasta in a while? If there ever were a marketing scam playbook, this would be in the top 5. Create a national ‘Insert random item to market’ day. Top of the list of marketing... Continue Reading →


It’s funny how our minds work isn’t it? We have these big number in our head that we want to achieve, these herculean tasks that we know deep down we were meant to accomplish. We dream of the day we stand victorious and bask in the glory and then the same dream becomes overwhelming. It’s... Continue Reading →

Own It

As naive as most children are, we used to play a game. It’s called “do the most outrageous shit possible while not getting caught”. That’s not a real game but you get the idea. If you do get caught, blame someone else. What most adults tell us is that the reason we shouldn’t do something... Continue Reading →

Fitness is ruining my life.

I’m a little bit of a fitnessoholic.There! I said it! Admitting is the first step to recovery right? I might need help but I couldn’t find a support group for this problem. I tried reaching out to friends but the usual response is “ it’s all in your head!”, or “stop being such a douche!”... Continue Reading →

Operating in the grey zone

There are three kinds of tasks. Those you should be doing. Those you should never be doing, and then there are transition tasks as I like to call them. These are the tasks you do when you’re supposed to be working or procrastinating on the tasks you should be doing. If the tasks you are... Continue Reading →

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there. -Lewis Carroll

“If fate doesn't make you laugh, then you just don't get the joke.”                                                ― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

How bad do you want it?

We could all benefit from looking at things from a different perspective. It’s easier said than done. Seeing the bigger picture can help decision making. Help us sticking to our goals more easily instead of falling trap to everyday temptations. Usually, we tend to make decisions based on the immediate results without looking at the... Continue Reading →

Digital begging.

I always thought my granddad’s stories were fascinating. I mean who wouldn’t. Every Time our grandparents told us tales of a world we can never imagine, we would be awestruck. “Really grandpa? How did you live comfortably with 5 rupees? Had you to write letters cos you had no phones and landlines? And You had... Continue Reading →

Controlling Anything

You know that nonstop chatterbox in your head? That annoying voice that actually sounds very different in your head from your actual voice but is yours nevertheless? That’s the only thing you need to have control over. Yes, I know that it’s technically just you but is it though? Doesn’t it feel like it has... Continue Reading →

New Age Friendship

Friendships were built on trust. Trust that your friend wouldn’t object to you when you asked to ride their bike or drive their new car. This was what was expected of me growing up. To lend my bike to my friend because he wanted to impress a girl. Trust that when I get thrown out... Continue Reading →

Sometimes we love with nothing more than hope.. Sometimes we cry with everything except tears.                                                                                 ... Continue Reading →

"Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’’ — Roald Dahl.

“I’m a free spirit who never had the balls to be free.” ― Cheryl Strayed, Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail

Falling Over

  It all started with a new goal for this month. Learn to do a handstand. Cos handstands are fucking cool. After practicing for a few days, I can get almost completely vertical and balance myself for a few seconds while barely using the wall to prevent me from falling over. So, the next step... Continue Reading →

Focused on the wrong numbers.

If there’s a sure shot way of messing up your life, it’s not recognizing which tasks are important to your goals. ‘Priority’ is the single fundamental trait that separates a successful person from a wannabe. But I think even with our priorities set straight, we focus on the wrong numbers. We fail to realize that... Continue Reading →

You are your worst enemy.

Everything we are, everything we are not, is all in some way or the other our own doing. We may not take responsibility for it. We may want to blame someone else for our misfortunes or blame the universe for dealing us a shitty hand. But even a modicum amount of self-introspection will boldly show... Continue Reading →

Some Mornings.

It’s one of that kind of mornings. When you wake up with butterflies in your stomach. For no apparent reason. You wake up feeling like someone punched you so hard in your dreams that you can taste the bile from your stomach while it edge plays at the tip of your throat. Your plans for... Continue Reading →

The Stolen bike

My precious, beautiful little bike is gone forever. I loved that little white bike. Nikishi with thick mountain bike tires. It was especially dear to me cos not only did it save me from months of misery with my old bike or cos I found such a good deal on it and I was just... Continue Reading →

Chasing Numbers

Our obsession with numbers is not something new. It seems to me like the whole point of the education system is to brainwash you into thinking that the bigger the number, better the life. While simultaneously dulling you just enough to ensure you never reach it. The amount of money you make, the number of... Continue Reading →

Opposite Day

The best advice we get these days is to floor it. All the time. Push yourself to the limit.Workout till you puke or you’re doing it wrong. Spend every waking hour working, or you’ll never get a promotion or make it big. Work your ass off. Vacation is for losers and retired people. What if... Continue Reading →


Some days are easy. Everything goes according to plan. More or less. Things flow. You may not reach from A to B, but well, at least you didn’t get shot on the way. This is true for most people. But then there are those other days. The ones where you wholeheartedly believe the universe is... Continue Reading →

Keeping Busy

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. They said.  As they brainwashed us into thinking, we need to be as busy as bees, or we are up to no good. We said we will never succeed if we sit around doing nothing. So we must take up something. Anything. To show the society that you... Continue Reading →

Bad Travel companions.

Types of people you should never travel with. I was recently on a long trip across Europe (Read about it here.), and I had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. From uninterested Millennials from America to happy hippie couples from Australia and everywhere in between. Hanging out with different kinds of people... Continue Reading →

Best Life Advice.

Precious and practical advice from my grandfather. A little bit of background cos the advice may seem to be a bit predicated towards achieving success in one’s own life. My grandfather is a self-made man. By that I mean he was a road construction worker who went on to become one of the most influential... Continue Reading →

Effort is sexy.

It’s not that you traveled the world but that you took the first step. It’s not that you started a revolution but that you voiced your concern. It’s not that you cured world hunger, but you gave some food to the needy. It’s not that you brought about world peace, but you smiled and helped... Continue Reading →

Online Learning.

Online learning is like ketogenic diet or leather pants. Feels like something you should definitely try, but within 2 weeks you’re back to looking at bread like your dog looks at a tennis ball.I too was sucked into this online learning hype. I mean why not. Get a degree from Harvard. I mean fucking Harvard!... Continue Reading →

HIIT Overdose

I’m sick of the HIIT epidemic going on. This obsession of making anyone new to fitness go through hell has somehow become the norm. Somehow being more intense and brutal in treating the clients, the better the coach is considered to be. Proudly putting up videos on Instagram about harassing the client's cos apparently that's... Continue Reading →

Big Risks

There are 2 types of risk takers. Those who do something out of sheer bravery hoping everything turns out ok and those who know themselves so well that they believe they can do something that nobody else thinks is possible. If you pull it off, you’re considered amazing and brave. If not, you’re considered stupid... Continue Reading →

That one friend.

You know that idiot friend, the one who never moved from your hometown? The one you used to play football with growing up and he was better than you? The one who was the mastermind of every idiotic plan you two hatched? With whom you tried your first cigarette? The one who bought you your... Continue Reading →

That Magical Moment

What makes a moment magical? An element of surprise and delight? A moment out of the ordinary that changes our perspective and gives birth to new ideas and inspiration. Fairy tales and stories have always spoken of moments that usually occurs without our intervention that can inspire us to guide us and show us the... Continue Reading →


Not to go all nerdy on you all but I’m sure you all know Newton's 1st law of motion or Law of Inertia. An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. This... Continue Reading →

It’s ok.

Second guessing our every action and trying to look as dignified and respectable to the outside world is a lie one cannot keep up. The more I travel the more I realize we need to stop being such stuck up, self-conscious little pricks, who think that the only way we are likable is if we... Continue Reading →

Bad Decisions

If I were to think back and ponder about all the decisions I have ever taken, I bet 80% of them were probably wrong. Either, it was a bad decision because of the timing, bad due to the consequences or wrong due to the intentions. Yet here I am doing well for the most part.... Continue Reading →

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if : It wasn’t your best work. It wasn’t your best creation. It wasn’t your best piece of writing. It wasn’t your best performance. It wasn’t your best dish. It wasn’t your best joke. It wasn’t your best work out. It wasn’t your best run. It wasn’t your best game. It wasn’t your... Continue Reading →


Most of us procrastinate. On something. That’s the problem with having no deadlines. No accountability. In any creative endeavors, the tendency to procrastinate is especially strong. What Steven Pressfield calls ‘Resistance’. The aptest description of procrastination. Internal resistance to act. To create. But what I noticed is that it’s possible to beat resistance in the... Continue Reading →

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