It’s ok.

Second guessing our every action and trying to look as dignified and respectable to the outside world is a lie one cannot keep up. The more I travel the more I realize we need to stop being such stuck up, self-conscious little pricks, who think that the only way we are likable is if we... Continue Reading →

Bad Decisions

If I were to think back and ponder about all the decisions I have ever taken, I bet 80% of them were probably wrong. Either, it was a bad decision because of the timing, bad due to the consequences or wrong due to the intentions. Yet here I am doing well for the most part.... Continue Reading →

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if : It wasn’t your best work. It wasn’t your best creation. It wasn’t your best piece of writing. It wasn’t your best performance. It wasn’t your best dish. It wasn’t your best joke. It wasn’t your best work out. It wasn’t your best run. It wasn’t your best game. It wasn’t your... Continue Reading →


Most of us procrastinate. On something. That’s the problem with having no deadlines. No accountability. In any creative endeavors, the tendency to procrastinate is especially strong. What Steven Pressfield calls ‘Resistance’. The aptest description of procrastination. Internal resistance to act. To create. But what I noticed is that it’s possible to beat resistance in the... Continue Reading →

Moving day

It’s not the hassle of packing all my things and in a short while unpacking them and arrange them in order that gets to me. In particular, I don’t care about the nuisance of cleaning and filling up things in boxes. It’s not the physical effort and pain in moving the heavy boxes up flights... Continue Reading →


In 2016 I traveled to 6 countries Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and around Sweden. Unfortunately, my university commitments in 2017 have kept me away from traveling. My plan for 2017 was to travel to 7 countries but it’s already June and the count is still 0. I did get a chance to go home to... Continue Reading →

Worth Every Penny

I don’t know if it was my upbringing in a stereotypical Indian middle-class family but as far as I can remember I have never walked into a store with an intention of buying something and not immediately choosing the cheapest product on the market. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. The “ It gets the... Continue Reading →

A thank you note.

What is it about being humble and showing real emotion that seems laughable, cringe-worthy or just plain weird? I’m not talking about the fake words we say like sorry when you bump into someone or the most heartless thank you to someone who just handed you something.Sometimes we mean it and our eyes show it.... Continue Reading →

Daily Rituals

Most of us have at least one thing that you do every single day without which you feel incomplete. These little habits you pick up that makes or breaks your day. Simple pleasures. The small things in life. And it’s very personal. I firmly believe that no two people can have the same rituals in... Continue Reading →

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