Waiting to find your passion, waiting for the right opportunity to come by, waiting for the right idea to strike, is like waiting to spot the loch ness monster. It doesn’t happen. What fuels this futile endeavor is reading stories of how entrepreneurs came up with their brilliant ideas seemingly out of the blue. This statement, though deceitful is easy to accept cos it vindicates us from not trying hard enough. We get to leave it to fate and say ‘hey I’m just not lucky’ and we get to keep waiting for the idea to strike. For the apple to fall on our head. For that eureka moment.

The inconvenient truth, however, is that you won’t find your passion by sitting in a dark room and thinking about what you like and ideas never come at the cubicle. Rather, from trying, failing, experimenting and having new experiences.
Reid Hoffman sums it up perfectly in his book The Start Up of you:

Your identity is not found through introspection but rather emerges through experimentation

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