The eye of the storm

It’s in the middle of the storm that we realize the chances we missed to secure our safety. When things are fine, we never think that a rainy day is coming. Life is all sunshine and rainbows until it isn’t, and the change happens pretty quickly. And when you’re in the storm, filled with anxiety... Continue Reading →


What a time to be alive. The world, which was seemingly glee about entering a new decade, has turned completely upside down, all in the span of a few weeks. Once in a century catastrophe, unforeseen, unpredictable, and unfathomable, it has affected every single person, all around the world in one way or another. Here... Continue Reading →

The count is Zero

No matter how many steps you took last year or how far you went. No matter how many miles you ran or swam. No matter how many times you hit the gym, squatted or lifted. No matter the number of books you read, words you wrote, thank you notes you sent. No matter the number... Continue Reading →

The paradox of choice.

No patience, no space, no uninterrupted time. Constant noise and voices in our ears, every second, every minute from the time we wake up till we force ourselves to sleep. Can’t bare a second to be alone without our phones cos god forbid if we hear our own voice. Unlimited choices, people to meet, things... Continue Reading →

What have we become?

A swipe here, a swipe there. On average, 125 is the number of times you pick up, unlock, use, and lock your phone, a hundred and twenty-five times!! If the phone were a pair of dumbells, we would have arms of like Mr. Schwarzenegger. We have a watch on one hand, yet we need our... Continue Reading →

Real Courage.

If I asked you to name some people who you think are courageous, who would you name? Most people say, firefighters, the police, navy seals, first responders. And of course they are, and I agree. But there’s a group of people we miss out. We don’t see them cos they aren’t wearing a uniform, and... Continue Reading →

Perfect moment

Always waiting for that perfect moment to go for it. For your hair to grow just the right length, your weight to be just how much you wanted, your latest scar to fade just enough so people won’t notice, your bank account be filled with enough zero’s, your jeans to fit tightly, your accolades at... Continue Reading →

30 Lessons for Life

If you don’t celebrate the milestones, you’re only drifting away with time. As someone who had an irrational fear and loathing towards celebrations especially of yearly events unless and until thoroughly deserved, I might have missed out on some milestones that I really should remember. I have no clue what I did for my 25th... Continue Reading →

Darkness to Light

    ** The following words are the ramblings of a fool. Please take it with a grain of salt or in this case a bucket full of it.***** Of all the things I wish I could predict, Stock prices, oil prices, the direction of the night will go if I’m out on a date and... Continue Reading →

40 of my favorite things

I lied. There’s not going to be a list of 40 things I like. 40 is too long a list. I don’t want to bore you with random everyday basic shit like I love food. No shit Susan, what else do you like? Breathing? So, I cut down the list to 20. This is my... Continue Reading →

The thing about lucky breaks

There’s no such thing as a lucky break without effort. The only time an incident or a situation becomes a lucky break is if we have first put in the work and effort to take advantage of it. Otherwise, a lucky break is nothing but a missed opportunity. Without prior effort, a lucky break is... Continue Reading →

Perfect Resume

Glancing at someone with a perfect resume used to make me contemplate all the choices I have made in my life. The awe of a person so perfect at least on paper is something to be envious of. If only had i stuck to my plans and goals and not deviated from it to follow... Continue Reading →

Do you care?

There’s a big difference between doing something when you’re told and doing something when you care. We can see this when we look at servers at restaurants or cashiers at supermarkets. But that’s not all. You see this in your workplace. There’s a stark difference in the attitude, ideas and the energy one brings to... Continue Reading →

Make Space

  I have a rule for my work desk. A couple of items only. The ones that really need to be there. The important stuff. Ones that make a difference and is useful. Especially since I practice minimalism (as much as a tech enthusiast can), whenever there is one too many things that begin to pile up... Continue Reading →

Like no one’s watching.

  We are always putting on a show. For our boss, for our co-workers, our family, our friends, our partner. The moment we know someone else is watching, some else is judging, our guards go up and we modify our actions and our behavior just a little bit, to show that we are playing the... Continue Reading →


Getting people to mentor you is the least of your problem. If they say no to your face, then probably they think you are an idiot and don’t deserve their mentorship, or they think you think you are an idiot and you’re not confident enough in yourself and you’re just looking for someone else’s validation,... Continue Reading →

Choose wisely.

They say, “Don’t meet your hero’s”. But it’s not a reflection of your hero, rather, your expectation. A sure shot way to cut short years of toiling and experimentation is to have a mentor, or better yet, have mentors. One for every aspect of your life that you want to emulate. Just make sure it’s... Continue Reading →

Create vs Consume

The world’s job is to make you consume. Sell you things you don’t need. Make you watch things you don’t really want to see, read what you don’t really want to read. Listen to things you don’t want to hear. And then it keeps doing it. Again and again. And if you fall for the... Continue Reading →

Who’s worth listening to.

Don’t be an askhole is great advice for anyone. We all know that one person who keeps asking you for advice but does exactly the opposite, only to annoy you again with more questions that he will ignore again. Don’t, under any circumstance be an askhole. But the world is filled with more tellwhores than... Continue Reading →

What makes them tick.

If there’s one thing you ought to do to better understand the people around you is to figure out what makes them tick. It is endlessly fascinating and almost an obsession of mine. It’s not easy to do, neither is it something most people are interested in. But it is worthwhile to put in the... Continue Reading →


We are taught from a young age to sit still and behave. Raise your hands and wait your turn. Move and speak only when permitted. There’s always someone’s approval to seek or someone’s permission to gain before you can do what you want. Deep down, I believe that seeking someone else’s permission is just you... Continue Reading →

Get up and go

There’s never going to be the right time. Never the perfect weather. You will always be tired. You will always feel like you need to rest instead of running around. You’ll always have things to do. It’ll be uncomfortable. Anything out of the ordinary is uncomfortable. Silly things like Where to eat, to sleep and... Continue Reading →

Hard Truth

There’s a distinct difference in the way some children are brought up. Amongst my peers and even in my own family, I saw that people with children who were the most ambitious and had a desire to achieve something on their own were the ones who weren’t readily handed out things. The kids who learned... Continue Reading →

Ready to Leave.

So your goal is to quit your job someday and be an entrepreneur? Are you just biding time until you save enough to finally quit your day job and be free? If you don’t want to get trapped in the corporate life, then you need to do everything in your power to not get sucked... Continue Reading →

The Hammer and the Nail.

I believe plenty of people are obsessed with success, just like me. And we look towards entrepreneurs and businessmen to try and emulate the way they think and work. We try to adopt their habits and routines in the hopes of achieving success. Anything that a successful person does, no matter how ordinary somehow becomes... Continue Reading →

How to be impressive.

In everything that we do, in every stage of our lives, there’s a brief period of time where almost anything we do has the potential to impress people. That short period happens to be somewhere before the first quarter of the total timeline of the task. Think about this, if you’re a 25-year-old with a... Continue Reading →

Finding Happiness

When I was a kid, there was only one thing worse than not being allowed to play. Being the only one not allowed to go over to a friends house to play. Oh the agony, sorrow, and misery. Want to know what real FOMO(Fear of missing out) is? Tell a 10-year old that they are... Continue Reading →

Call me cheap.

On a recent trip to Copenhagen with a cousin from the USA, I ended up tearing the only pair of jeans that I had. It was a bit of shock to my cousin that I actually owned only one pair of jeans. This prompted me to write “Reduce the noise” which is about spending money... Continue Reading →

Reduce the noise.

I happened to watch the documentary on Minimalism a few weeks ago. People are usually polarized on this topic. Some are fascinated by this concept of minimalistic living while others can’t seem to fathom not having a house filled with things they hardly ever use or a wardrobe that’s literally overflowing. My sister, for example,... Continue Reading →

Just be interesting.

I think I need to join a support group. I’m not sure though if such a support group exists. I want to stand in front of a group of people and say “ Hi, I’m Kaush and my problem is that I’m easily impressed by people until I get to know them a bit better... Continue Reading →

Stepping up to bat

As a kid growing up in India, I played cricket like most kids, and I wanted to be a batsman. There was always a long Que to bat and more batsmen than there was time to play, so the coach would pick a few to put on the gear and take a turn at batting.... Continue Reading →

Just the right setting.

She was the office ergonomics expert. Her job was to help employees adjust their work environment and to make sure you are sitting in the best possible posture, you know, for your long-term health and what not. In other words, the best shape you can be in by spending your waking minute doing something humans... Continue Reading →

The Heroes we don’t deserve.

It’s not always that you run into these kinds of people. Usually, the cheerleaders in your life hold a special spot and almost certainly get their fair share of recognition. It’s not them I’m talking about. I’m talking about the others. I’m talking about the people you run into just by sheer coincidence and who... Continue Reading →

To my dearest friends

I say, dearest, even though I have no idea what your names are and I have never spoken to you. You don’t know my name yet somehow we have become part of each other’s lives. I only know you all by the code names I came up with. Not derived for surreptitious reasons but merely... Continue Reading →

Imposter Syndrome

Me while filling in a job application: I can totally do all that. I’m so good at excel that numbers float off the screen like the Vegas card-counting scene in Hangover. The day before the new job starts: OMG!! what the hell am I doing. Why did I ever apply for this position? They are going to... Continue Reading →

Life lesson from Naval Ravikant

I’m a Naval Ravikant fanboy. I’ve obsessively listened to pretty much every podcast Naval has been on, and I’ve heard them several times. His podcast with Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, and The knowledge project is just brilliant. His live periscope was just so full of profound, and thoughtful insights(transcript). He’s like a modern sage, his words so full of wisdom, delivered with perfect... Continue Reading →

Things i have changed my mind on

Let me admit something. I’m a fickle minded routine addict. How can that even be you ask? I take ages to make a decision but then I rarely ever change them. I get into a routine. You don’t believe me? For the most part, I have had the same breakfast for the past five years.... Continue Reading →

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