The eye of the storm

It’s in the middle of the storm that we realize the chances we missed to secure our safety. When things are fine, we never think that a rainy day is coming. Life is all sunshine and rainbows until it isn’t, and the change happens pretty quickly. And when you’re in the storm, filled with anxiety... Continue Reading →


What a time to be alive. The world, which was seemingly glee about entering a new decade, has turned completely upside down, all in the span of a few weeks. Once in a century catastrophe, unforeseen, unpredictable, and unfathomable, it has affected every single person, all around the world in one way or another. Here... Continue Reading →

The count is Zero

No matter how many steps you took last year or how far you went. No matter how many miles you ran or swam. No matter how many times you hit the gym, squatted or lifted. No matter the number of books you read, words you wrote, thank you notes you sent. No matter the number... Continue Reading →

The paradox of choice.

No patience, no space, no uninterrupted time. Constant noise and voices in our ears, every second, every minute from the time we wake up till we force ourselves to sleep. Can’t bare a second to be alone without our phones cos god forbid if we hear our own voice. Unlimited choices, people to meet, things... Continue Reading →

What have we become?

A swipe here, a swipe there. On average, 125 is the number of times you pick up, unlock, use, and lock your phone, a hundred and twenty-five times!! If the phone were a pair of dumbells, we would have arms of like Mr. Schwarzenegger. We have a watch on one hand, yet we need our... Continue Reading →

Real Courage.

If I asked you to name some people who you think are courageous, who would you name? Most people say, firefighters, the police, navy seals, first responders. And of course they are, and I agree. But there’s a group of people we miss out. We don’t see them cos they aren’t wearing a uniform, and... Continue Reading →

Perfect moment

Always waiting for that perfect moment to go for it. For your hair to grow just the right length, your weight to be just how much you wanted, your latest scar to fade just enough so people won’t notice, your bank account be filled with enough zero’s, your jeans to fit tightly, your accolades at... Continue Reading →

30 Lessons for Life

If you don’t celebrate the milestones, you’re only drifting away with time. As someone who had an irrational fear and loathing towards celebrations especially of yearly events unless and until thoroughly deserved, I might have missed out on some milestones that I really should remember. I have no clue what I did for my 25th... Continue Reading →

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