Perfect moment

Always waiting for that perfect moment to go for it. For your hair to grow just the right length, your weight to be just how much you wanted, your latest scar to fade just enough so people won’t notice, your bank account be filled with enough zero’s, your jeans to fit tightly, your accolades at work to shine brightly because otherwise, she just might not like you.

You left the opportunities in the present for a magical future when all these made up things in your head lines up and the heavens send an angel telling you that you can finally make a move on that new job, that new city you wanted to move to, that new business you wanted to start, that girl you wanted to ask out, but kept putting it off because the time just wasn’t right. It wasn’t then, it isn’t now, it will never be in the future.

If you have everything under control, you’re just not moving fast enough.

Mario Andretti

The fact is, you can only look back and recognize the forks in the road, the chances you could have taken, the adventures you could have had, and the relationships you could have built, but you were too busy putting it off because you were too afraid to commit to the moment because who knows, there might be a better opportunity when your perceived rate of success will be higher right? It seldom works that way. I wish I could have gone back and changed those things. Taken every chance that I left on the table. Whatever I was worried about back then seems so trivial now.

You’re just one decision away from having a completely different life.

But we learn. We grow. And it’s never too late. So who knows, maybe tomorrow will bring a gift. A gift of choice. And all it takes is a little bit of courage to go for it. Cos if you think it’s not the right time then know this…the perfect moment was yesterday. The next one is now.

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