30 Lessons for Life


If you don’t celebrate the milestones, you’re only drifting away with time. As someone who had an irrational fear and loathing towards celebrations especially of yearly events unless and until thoroughly deserved, I might have missed out on some milestones that I really should remember. I have no clue what I did for my 25th birthday. I swear, I cannot even remember it and it’s kind of sad. But my mindset at the time was that I don’t deserve to celebrate cos I’m not where I want to be. This dates back to my childhood. Nothing is ever good enough, no achievements worthy enough. But after a well fought year with lots of ups and down’s and reaching a point where I have plenty of opportunities open, I decided it was time to mark this milestone with a memory that I will look back on fondly. But memories aren’t enough. It’s the lessons learned, the values we have cultivated and the principles we abide by that make us who we are. These are things that need constant thought and reflection which we seldom do. One of the best books I read this year was ‘Principles’ by Ray Dalio and his teaching is simple, Write down your principles and this will help you make tough decisions in the future. If we don’t deeply scrutinize our failures and the lessons learned, then we tend to make them again.

History repeats itself cos too many people make the same fucking mistakes over and over again because they don’t take the time to reflect and learn.

Notes to myself:

  1. The direction is everything. As long as you know where you’re heading, the speed doesn’t matter.
  2. Don’t be swayed by groupthink. Your group might be a bunch of donkeys.
  3. Stay true to your core values. No price is high enough to break them.
  4. Put yourself first. Nobody will care for you as much as you will care for yourself.
  5. Only work on projects where you learn and gain skills. You can trade these skills for money later on in life, but you can’t trade your money to gain skills.
  6. Chase independence. Standing on your own two feet without needing anything from anyone is a gift worth treasuring.
  7. Your friend circle will change. Open yourself up and accept it.
  8. Pleasing other people is a miserable way to spend your time. Other people being happy is their problem, not yours.
  9. Cut out people from your life with no regrets. Life is too short to deal with negative, bitter, angry, toxic, goalless and ambitionless people.
  10. Family is everything, be there for them without wanting anything from them in return. Also, be the first to recognize if they are holding you back.
  11. Have mentors. If you can’t find mentors in real life, watch, listen and read about the people you want to emulate.
  12. Say yes to adventures. You don’t want to be that boring guy without any stories.
  13. Habits maketh the man. Create some which involve healthy eating, exercise and training your mind. You will be doing your future self a favor.
  14. Money makes the world go round. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sooner you accept it, the better. Then go out there and learn to make some.
  15. Reading is power. Clear thinking is a superpower.
  16. Progress is the key. The only way to progress is to take on new challenges. Don’t fear them.
  17. The moment you get too comfortable, make a move. Nothing great is ever achieved from a position of comfort.
  18. Take calculated risks. Nothing worthwhile is achieved without taking risks.
  19. Stay away from the gossipers. Eventually, they’ll gossip about you when you aren’t there. They probably already are.
  20. We are programmed from a young age to behave socially. People with no social filter and say whatever comes to their mind are to be looked up to and not frowned upon. They are in fact the interesting ones.
  21. The world is too noisy. Learn to listen to your instincts.
  22. Always take the path that seems the most interesting at the time.
  23. Whichever path you choose, fix an end goal. Even the mightiest ship with the best crew needs to know the direction it’s heading.
  24. Likeability is underrated. If people like you, they will open doors for you.
  25. Get over your shyness of asking. Ask and you’ll receive.
  26. Happiness is a skill. You can learn to be happy. No external outcome will keep you happy for long.
  27. Whatever you do, do it with passion and energy. Even if you hate the job, do it with passion because no job is permanent. But your attitude will change how other people perceive you.
  28. Chase ideas, not people.
  29. Growth mindset is the key to become the person you want to be. It’s never too late and you can learn anything if you put in the effort.
  30. Figure out what your strengths are and then double down on them. Delegate your weaknesses.

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