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Hey! I’m Kaush,

This site is a thought experiment. A brain dump, as recommended by Seth Godin. But since you’re here, I might as well tell you something about me.
I’m easy going, fun and love deep, meaningful conversations. I can talk about pretty much anything..well..except politics..and pop culture..and art.. but hey I’m a nerd what more do expect from me.

I love tech. I can talk to you about tech, the AI revolution and crypto for all of 5 mins before you decide to leave or smack my face, whichever comes first, but I probably won’t stop even after you are long gone.

I love fitness far too much for a nerd, and I think its the only therapy most people need. Besides that, I love science, reading and hiking way too much. Having changed my career 3 times already, from a mechanical engineer to now, a Data analyst who builds BI systems, I think you can learn anything you want, and nothing is too hard, or it’s never too late if you really want to make a change. I think most people just limit themselves with lame excuses.
Currently really into business books and biographies. The best ones I have read in the past year was ‘Shoe dog’ and ‘Born standing up.’

I love experimenting and am always running some sort of biohack to see how I can function better. If you ask my friends and family, they ‘ll be the first to agree that I’m far from perfect, and I lack a lot of things like height, social skills, empathy, social acumen as to when not to crack inappropriate jokes, ability to listen and not think I’m right all the time etc etc and this may go on for a while, but I’ll save you the trouble.. but of all the things I lack, ambition, and a wicked sense of humor is not one of them.

Some testimonials collected by a friend:

High school teacher:

“He was bright…i think..don’t remember..who are we talking about again?”

Childhood friend:

“Funniest, smartest and most handsome person I know”

No bribery or blackmail was involved in this interview.

Ex-girlfriend 1:

“He was fine. Actually was a bit of a jerk.”

Ex-girlfriend 2:

”   ”

She started yelling and throwing things and I had to leave before the cops showed up.


” He was a nuisance when he was growing up. Nothing has changed even now.”


“They say children are priceless. Bullshit. I have saved all the bills. He owes me xxxxxxxxxx”

Ok, this was a bad idea. They clearly love me but don’t know how to express their feelings.


Ok for real now, I’m honest and in the name of honesty well, some of the things said above is probably true.I’m funny, kind-hearted and  I care way too much about the people close to me than I would like to admit, and I have a nasty habit of never turning down anyone who needs help. I don’t know why I’m writing my tinder bio here like anyone will ever read it and propose to me. But I thought I needed to share this. This is what I think I am. So here you go for the none of you who made it this far.

Some things I love:

Reading, writing, learning new things, all things tech,  fitness, traveling, trekking, green tea, biriyani, stand up comedy, new ideas, contrarian ideas, biriyani, exploring new places, spontaneous travel, body hacking, brain hacking,  guys I really love biriyani, podcasts, beer and long drives (not together Of course).

My side Projects: 

1) www.artoflaziness.comHere’s where I want to collect all the ideas and teachings from books and people I admire from the tech, fitness and investing world.  The goal is to create a fun, entertaining and easy way for lazy people like me to learn about Productivity, Health, and Investing.

2) www.untachedtech.com: An E-commerce store that caters to those who love wireless tech.

3)  Think Metrics: A website that takes a public data set and transforms it into insights and beautiful visualizations. We offer data templates, code and consultation for anyone to transform their data into beautiful and engaging visualizations using Qlik Sense and Tableau.

Books: https://artoflaziness.com/shop/ 

Or buy on Amazon:



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