Finding Happiness


When I was a kid, there was only one thing worse than not being allowed to play. Being the only one not allowed to go over to a friends house to play. Oh the agony, sorrow, and misery. Want to know what real FOMO(Fear of missing out) is? Tell a 10-year old that they are going to be the only person who’s not allowed to go over to their friend’s party. I bet you that kid will cry. If they don’t, then you’re raising a loner who someday might become a serial killer. Seriously, get them checked out.

Up to a certain age, we are hell bent on being at every social event hosted by friends or family or in some weird cases both. There can be no greater humiliation than not being invited to a party by a friend. I call this the age of immaturity. Where we are run by the constant fear of missing out on fun social activities. Our happiness is dictated by how much other people like us and would like to invite us to events. Being ignored will send us spiraling down the stairway of depression and anxiety. However, there is a cure for FOMO. The cure is not easy and does not work overnight. The cure is time.

One day you will wake and hope that your friends don’t invite you over. That’s the day you become truly mature. The day when you are totally comfortable with your own company and need no one else to be around you for amusement. A day when you realize life is even more beautiful when you don’t have annoying people around. The day you realize JOMO. The joy of missing out.

Trust me, there’s no going back. The land of JOMO is infinitely more peaceful and filled with contentment. No wars, No fights, no arguments, Cos you’re too busy missing out on all of life’s bullshit. And enjoying the crap out of missing it.

True liberation comes when you reach the point of JOMO. The point where you hope no one calls, no one messages, no one invites you to parties. Your time is your own, and no one can hold a gun to your head to donate it. It’s yours to do as you please. The age of blissful maturity, and true happiness. If only more people could enjoy the beauty that is JOMO.

If you want to be truly happy, hope that you move from FOMO to JOMO as quickly as you can.Cos heaven is right here on earth. And you’re missing it cos you’re stuck at someone’s stupid fucking party.

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