How to be impressive.

In everything that we do, in every stage of our lives, there’s a brief period of time where almost anything we do has the potential to impress people. That short period happens to be somewhere before the first quarter of the total timeline of the task. Think about this, if you’re a 25-year-old with a house and your shit figured out, you’re fucking impressive. If you’re a 40-year-old with the same, then you’re just a regular dude. Regular things that young people do are remarkable while the same done by someone older is only expected. If you’re old and your saying “yea it’s unfair,” well, it is unfair, and you are probably a loser cos you’re cribbing about it. That said, you can still be impressive.

Almost every young entrepreneur is revered, but older a person gets, less glamorous one’s venture from the ordinary seems. This is a universal truth and can be seen in all aspects of life. If you’re at a new job, picking up what’s going on and getting things done in the first few days is significantly impressive and beneficial in the long run. After a while, it is expected and failing to do so will most likely be looked down upon. Moving to a new country and learning the language within a short period of time is significantly impressive, but the level of impressiveness of your ability to pick up something new in a short time declines as time goes on.

Achievement in any field, sports or academics when you’re young, picking up an entirely new task in a new area and gaining expertise in it in a short period is significantly more impressive than if you’re a Ph.D. student working in the same field for years.

This holds true in all fields:

Learning to play an instrument.

Playing a new sport.

Progress in your side project.

Learning a new skill like programming.

Learning to use a new software.

Starting a new project.

Learn a new language.

Learning art.

The faster your progress during the initial phase, more impressive the effort.

New is always better. And being good at something new is always impressive.

If you want to impress someone, pick a new task, and work extremely hard to get really really good at it in a short period of time. You might be saying, “that’s great, but won’t my impressiveness decrease anyway, so how does that make me stand out?.” Here’s the secret. It’s not exactly the skill that impresses people. It’s your character.

If you can show that you are the kind of person who can work really hard to get good at something, then you automatically become the kind of person with a strong character and determination. You become the kind of person who can excel not just at this task, but almost anything you set your mind to. You become the person who can take on anything and excel at it. You are perceived instantly as someone capable, a doer, a leader.

The question is …..are you willing to put in the effort?

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