Create vs Consume

The world’s job is to make you consume. Sell you things you don’t need. Make you watch things you don’t really want to see, read what you don’t really want to read. Listen to things you don’t want to hear. And then it keeps doing it. Again and again. And if you fall for the world’s trap, you will never achieve what you want to. You will never be able to let out that tiny voice inside you telling you what is it that you think the world needs. The world is changed by those who can listen to their inner voice, stop the external consuming, and listen to their inner voice and start creating.

You do need a little bit of consumption, just as a plant needs a little bit of water and sunlight to grow. To let your creativity take new shape and generate new ideas. But over-consumption of anything can kill you, even if it gives you life. Water, food, sunlight. The only thing we should judge our day is by how much time we spent creating vs how much time we spent consuming.

Stop consuming and start creating.

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