Choose wisely.

They say,

“Don’t meet your hero’s”.

But it’s not a reflection of your hero, rather, your expectation. A sure shot way to cut short years of toiling and experimentation is to have a mentor, or better yet, have mentors. One for every aspect of your life that you want to emulate. Just make sure it’s not the same person.

You don’t want the same guy you look up to for his ferocity on the field to be the one you look to for family advice. The fact that we expect a person who’s great at hitting a small ball a really long distance into a small hole to then go home and behave like a priest and never step out of line is ridiculous. If we do, then, when that person falls short we should blame ourselves not them. Let them focus on hitting the ball. You can focus on finding a new mentor for everything related to things other than hitting the ball.

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