Pick up the phone and call that friend.

Pick up the phone and call that friend. That friend who you used to hang out with all the time. That friend who you chased girls with. That friend you got drunk on weekends with. That friend who was the reason your mom thought you were on drugs. That friend because of whom your family thought you would become homeless one day. That friend who knew all your dirtiest secrets, probably cos he was inexplicably involved.

That friend who’s house was the first place people would check if you were not to be found. That friend who was the reason your grades slipped. That friend who was the reason you learnt what life is. That friend who was the reason you smile when you think of your childhood. That friend who was responsible for your bad reputation and your bad decisions. That friend cos of whom your dad had to spend more on car repairs than the cars cost. That friend who can instantly change your mood when he enters the room. That friend who your ex-girlfriend hated. The friend who was the reason your ex-girlfriend became your ex-girlfriend. That friend who changed your perspective on life.

That friend who you left behind in the neighborhood you grew up in. That friend who you stopped keeping in touch with cos you were too busy “making it”. That friend who you were embarrassed to talk to cos you felt you weren’t where you were supposed to be in life. That friend who you feared would judge you because you thought he was more successful than you.

Just pick up the phone and call that friend. Because the chances are he doesn’t care about any of it. Chances are he needs someone to talk to and is scared of the same things as you. Chances are your call is what you both need right now. Because nothing in life matters as much as your relationships. If there’s a time portal in life, it’s that moment you pick up the phone to talk to your friend. Because it takes you back to the time when everything was different. When everything felt great even though it wasn’t. Chances are that the cure for everything wrong going on right now is to step into a time capsule and go back in time to when things were good. So pick up that phone and call that friend cos it’s the best time capsule we have got.

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