Do you care?

There’s a big difference between doing something when you’re told and doing something when you care. We can see this when we look at servers at restaurants or cashiers at supermarkets. But that’s not all. You see this in your workplace. There’s a stark difference in the attitude, ideas and the energy one brings to work based on if they care. What about you? Do you care? Or are you just there winding away time and doing just enough to not get blamed for anything.

Those who care tend to see the bigger picture. They see that regardless of how minuscule their role in the organization, it matters. And by being creative and innovative and changing the culture, they make an impact. They look for improvements not just to highlight to the boss during the appraisal period but so they can change things for the better. Make an impact. The rest are there just for the money. To do the bare minimum when they are told.

But this can change. You don’t have to have a job that you care for, but rather, choose to care for the job you have. You don’t have to choose to do what you love, you can also choose to love what you do.

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