Perfect Resume

Glancing at someone with a perfect resume used to make me contemplate all the choices I have made in my life. The awe of a person so perfect at least on paper is something to be envious of. If only had i stuck to my plans and goals and not deviated from it to follow newfound passions and interests, would I have such a perfect resume. What does it mean though?

“Good grades, great achievements & properly set, according to the latest trend on “”

No gap years, no errors, not a single comma out of place, Images of you on all the networking site with your professional attired face.

You seem to have spent all your years learning and achieving and the rest probably formatting this resume. However, i wonder did you ever get to play?

To travel, to experiment and see what you like, did you wake up one day I wonder, with an urge to just fly?

You seem to have been born knowing exactly what you would do. Then you chased it with all your might, and now you have a resume that proves you have the right,

This job should be yours for sure, probably even the bosses, cos he took a year off instead of working his ass off.

I used to hope that I could be someone like you, with a perfect resume and all the shiny tools, but here’s the thing, now that I think, I would rather just be interesting.”

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