What have we become?

A swipe here, a swipe there. On average, 125 is the number of times you pick up, unlock, use, and lock your phone, a hundred and twenty-five times!! If the phone were a pair of dumbells, we would have arms of like Mr. Schwarzenegger. We have a watch on one hand, yet we need our phones to confirm the time, along with a confirmation that we haven’t missed any trivial idiotic reply from a so-called friend. What have we become?

Can’t walk without music, can’t cook without podcasts, can’t travel without the noise of someone else’s voice in our ears, and can’t sit in silence. We check if our friends are up to something new from the last time we checked 15 mins ago and we curse, why couldn’t it be me there instead of that idiot, and plan a vacation just to outdo them. Write our thoughts with the intention of putting someone else down. We travel to places, not cos that’s the place we want to be, but the place where others wished they’d be. Always trying to outdo one another, a better car, a bigger house, more expensive things, to impress people we don’t care about. What have we become?

We have no courage to chat up a stranger in real life but have no problem leaving mean comments and hurtful messages online. We look for cheap thrills, a swipe here, a sext there, begging for nudes and looking for a quick release without too much effort or commitments. No deep connections, no patience to get to know someone, we move on just as quick because there’s always someone new to give you that dose of dopamine. We scroll through and ignore posts not because we don’t like them but cos we don’t want to give them the satisfaction of getting more attention cos secretly, we are jealous that they are out there doing what we ought to be doing. What have we become?

We judge people on their appearance and never even give them a chance to make the first impression because well, the next swipe may well be just a bit better, like the ones they show in movies with the perfect body and the ideal life, so why settle for this one cos who know’s who’s out there. What have we become?

And if someone does not agree with everything we say or believe in, by god all-mighty do we spite them and take them and everything they hold dear down with our army that we somehow amassed cos we were all fooled by the same ideology. What have we become?

Maybe it’s time to look at our actions and wonder if this is who we are, or want to be? We are better than this, I mean, we ought to be, right?

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