Hard Truth


There’s a distinct difference in the way some children are brought up. Amongst my peers and even in my own family, I saw that people with children who were the most ambitious and had a desire to achieve something on their own were the ones who weren’t readily handed out things. The kids who learned that they need to earn what they get, are the ones that grew up to be ambitious. They know that they need to work for what they want. Nothing is handed to them. They realized early on that life isn’t easy and nobody is going to save them. They know their goals, and they know how to get after it.

Kids who were given things without them having to earn it, over time, start to expect things. This transitions from when they were kids to when they become adults. Their need for others to fulfill their wants and desires never diminishes. They become bitter if people don’t give them what they want. It’s always someone else’s fault. There’s always someone to blame. Their focus shifts from expecting things from their parents to their siblings, friends, partners, in-laws. They have no shame in asking for things and have the audacity to be shocked and angry when rejected. They spend their life complaining and instead of doing something about it, they wait for someone to come and save them, while they do the bare minimum.

Just look around. Look at the people in your own family. You will immediately recognize which of the two categories people fall under. The sad part is that they could be your loved ones. Your siblings, your partner. There’s no way to avoid them. There’s no way to save them. Your only choice is to leave them be and let them hate you for not giving them what they want. It’s time for some hard truth, I just hope it’s not you.

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