Reviews are overrated

How have we gotten to this point where we cannot go anywhere without checking the reviews? Seriously are we now going to get into an argument for half an hour over which cafe to visit cos some douchebag thought the ice tea in this cafe had too much ice and decided to review it? Fuck that guy.And fuck that app.

Consider this. On an average, if we have 4 meals a week outside, that’s 192 meals a year (Let’s face it, it’s way more than that). Let’s not even get into the number of movies and shows we watch in a year. And every one of these has to be the best? Who are you? The fucking King?

The herd mentality has never been more prominent. What we are basically saying is that we have no individual taste and preference. We want to eat, watch and go places that others have and pretend to like it. Have we forgotten how great it feels to discover something new that you enjoy because it was perfect just for you? Like that movie you enjoyed but were too ashamed to admit. That restaurant you love that no one else wants to eat at. That song no one else likes but the lyrics just melt your heart.

What if we’re missing out on discovering things we would love because we are too busy following what other people like?

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