National unsubscribe day

We have all sorts of utterly pointless remembrance days. Who needs a national pasta day? People who have forgotten to eat pasta in a while? If there ever were a marketing scam playbook, this would be in the top 5. Create a national ‘Insert random item to market’ day. Top of the list of marketing tricks will forever be sexual innuendos followed by the product they are selling no matter how disconnected the two are. For the love of god, We don’t need a fucking national donut day! If anything, we need a day national ‘Stop eating so much crap you fat fuck’ day!

That brings me to National unsubscribe day. Nope, it’s not a thing…..Yet!. If there ever was a need for something it’s this. A day we reflect on all the pointless shit in our lives and well just…UNSUBSCRIBE. A day to reflect on all the things we do and say “ FUCK IT, I’m out!”. A day to opt out and walk away from all the bullshit you’ve been putting up with.

I would start by unsubscribing from these:

People to please.

Newsletters you’ll never read.

Pointless friendships to keep.

People who ruin your sleep.

A relationship that’s going nowhere.

A job where you wish you’d rather be elsewhere.

Diets you hate following.

The time that you keep wasting.

Work that’s meaningless.

Politics that’s just senseless.

Tasks you hate doing.

The excuses you keep making.

The lies you keep telling.

Dreams you keep postponing.

Responsibilities that’s hard on your soul.

Pretty much anything that takes you away from your goal.

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