It’s funny how our minds work isn’t it? We have these big number in our head that we want to achieve, these herculean tasks that we know deep down we were meant to accomplish. We dream of the day we stand victorious and bask in the glory and then the same dream becomes overwhelming. It’s too big a task. So we never take the first step. Have you ever heard anyone say they want to just run once a week? Or just eat 1 healthy meal? Or just make 1 extra dollar? Or write 1 book? Nope. Right out the batting cage, It’s always a marathon, 6 packs, a million dollars, a bestselling trilogy. And these numbers just stay there, staring at us, overwhelming us to even take the first step and we lie to ourselves that one day we will get out there and do what we were put on this earth to do.

Focussing on that big number, we set ourselves up for failure. Those people who say “If your dreams don’t scare you then it’s not big enough” just fuck off. Your goal isn’t to scare yourself so you never even try, let alone succeed. Your goal is to one day achieve all your dreams.The way to start by not overwhelming yourself is by focussing on 1. The only number we need to focus on is the is the smallest possible goal. And most often, it’s ONE.

Focus on the Smallest number to start with. Smallest goal to reach.

You want to run that marathon? Start with 1 mile.

You want to travel the world? Start with 1 city.

You want to change your life? Start with 1 small change.

You want to start a million dollar business? Start with $1 profit.

You want to write that novel? Write 1 page.

You want to read all the classics? Start with 1 book!

You want to be a stand-up comedian? Start with 1 joke.

You want that 6 packs? Work on that 1 pack.

You want to eat healthily? Start with 1 meal.

You want to be productive? Finish 1 task.

Want to go to the gym regularly? Start with 1 day.

The greatest trick our mind plays is convincing us that we have to go big.

Because if you focus on a big number, it gives you room to fail. But if you fail by concentrating on just 1, the smallest possible outcome you can hope for, then it means you will never succeed, and it’s hard to accept that. So your mind convinces you to that you can’t start till everything is ready for you to reach the stars. It’s a lie. Every step counts. Every drop counts.

So, now you have 2 options. Either fool yourself that one day you’ll take climb that mountain, or just go out and take that first step.

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