Opposite Day

The best advice we get these days is to floor it. All the time. Push yourself to the limit.Workout till you puke or you’re doing it wrong. Spend every waking hour working, or you’ll never get a promotion or make it big. Work your ass off. Vacation is for losers and retired people.

What if we are wrong. What if there’s no way we can sustain this balls to the wall lifestyle everyone tries to emulate and force down others throat? This mindset might help make progress in the short term. We convince ourselves that once we achieve our goals we’ll slow down, take it easy once we’ve made some money and start enjoying life. We say to ourselves “After I’m married or after I have kids or after I buy a house and that car I have always wanted.” But that’s a lie, and we all know it. There’s no slowing down. Cos greed in innate. Nothing is ever enough. The promotion, the car, the house will never satiate our greed. So what if we take it into account from day one. And think about the long-term and start doing the opposite of what these performance coaches teach?Life’s a marathon yet we are dashing off the starting line like it’s a 100 Meter race. We’ll crash and burn before making it halfway.

What if in the long term, Less is better than More? Slow is better than fast?

Will you slow down if it meant you could go further?

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