Some days are easy. Everything goes according to plan. More or less. Things flow. You may not reach from A to B, but well, at least you didn’t get shot on the way. This is true for most people. But then there are those other days. The ones where you wholeheartedly believe the universe is out to get you. It’s a zombie apocalypse, and you are Will Ferrell. Fighting for your right to survive. From unforeseen accidents which were no fault of yours yet, you’re the one who ends up paying the price, bills, setbacks, failures, disappointments, adversities, pain, disease, sadness and a myriad of unforeseen unfortunate events.

See, the thing is, for some people, this isn’t that rare. They wake up ready for what life is going to throw at them that day. What kind of zombies will come for them that day? They have had days like that in the past. Cos, when you have been fighting for so long, giving up, is not an option. It is a choice but not an option if that makes sense.

I know people like that. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Yet they wake up, ready to battle the next day with the same vigor. Because that’s the easy thing to do for them. The hard option for them is to run and hide. Come out when the zombies have gone, if ever. But what kind of a life would that be? If you hide from anything scary. Going through life in hiding.

Yet most of us prefer to do just that. Because fighting for what you want is scary. Not anymore. Not now. Not ever. Get those guns ready and loaded. Go out there. And when the zombies come, they eventually will, don’t give up and run. Stand your ground and shoot them right in their fucking face. Because you are a legend!

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