Keeping Busy

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

They said.  As they brainwashed us into thinking, we need to be as busy as bees, or we are up to no good. We said we will never succeed if we sit around doing nothing. So we must take up something. Anything. To show the society that you are important because you have no free time. That’s all that is. A show of how less time you actually have.The lesser free time on your hands, the more important you must be. At least that’s what everyone assumes.
What if we have it all wrong. What if keeping busy is the actual enemy. Why are we encouraged to take up tasks for the sake of doing something? Rather than just stop and think. Why not keep ourselves free from trivial tasks so when something really important comes along, we have no option but to take it. What if it’s better to be idle and have actual intelligent thoughts and ideas than mindlessly performing mundane tasks. Why do we not encourage a child to just sit and think and ponder rather than force them to just run the rat race? What’s so wrong with doing nothing? What’s so great about keeping busy?

The only thing we should be busy with is with tasks that one considers their purpose. Their life’s goal. The rest is just noise and must be swapped with pure unadulterated idleness.

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