Bad Travel companions.

Types of people you should never travel with.

Amsterdam Summer 2017

I was recently on a long trip across Europe (Read about it here.), and I had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. From uninterested Millennials from America to happy hippie couples from Australia and everywhere in between. Hanging out with different kinds of people in the hostels quickly gave me a sense as to who would be fun to hang out with and whom to avoid like they have the plague.

Here is the list of people to avoid:

  1. The social media junkies: Selfies before leaving the room is the first clue. Facebook check-in before even actually reaching the location is the second clue and your cue to run. Run as far away from them as possible.
  2. The actual junkie: Those who regardless of which place you’re at, can’t appreciate the beauty and significance of that area without help from some local herb dealers are terrible travel companions. Especially if you are not into it.
  3. History snob: Yes, the buildings are great. I like to know a bit about the meaning, the history and the story behind it. But not every single detail like who the king’s brother’s second wife was fucking. History junkies get off on that shit. Never travel with them.
  4. The planner: Traveling is an art form. It takes a particular discipline to get it right, but to truly enjoy it, it must be creative, free and spontaneous. Never travel with someone who plans the entire day.
  5. The food snob: That one who is obsessed with eating at the right time, the right kind of food from the right restaurants. They should just stay at home and eat from their Tupperware.
  6. The scared shitless guy: The one who is so afraid of getting mugged that they barely mingle with the locals, have a conversation or enjoy the trip. Lock them at home.
  7. The camera guy: Those who can’t get their head out of their fucking camera lens. If someone spends more time looking at a new place through their camera than their eyes, leave them. They are also the same kind of people who watch an entire concert through their screens while recording it. Absolute worst!
  8. The fakester: The ones who pretend to do something adventurous just to take a photo and then back off. Thanks to social media these fakesters are on the rise. Never travel with them. They are also the kind of people who will fake an orgasm.
  9. The lazy bum: The ones who after a 1-mile walk get tired and want to just chill at one bar the whole evening and take it easy. Leave their lazy ass on the road and walk away.
  10. The hangover guy: The one who gets shitfaced every time, that your trip consists of carrying your luggage and his sorry ass.They are annoying as fuck. If you want to get shitfaced, drink at your local bar so the bartender can take you home.
  11. The Beauty Queen: The one who takes forever to get ready.You’re on a trip. Not on project runway. Get your fucking ass moving.
  12. The restroom snob: The one who always has a problem with the restrooms no matter where you go. You often end up changing your plans to suit their restroom needs. Leave them or make them carry their own toilet from home.

Happy Travels!!!

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