Best Life Advice.

Precious and practical advice from my grandfather.

A little bit of background cos the advice may seem to be a bit predicated towards achieving success in one’s own life. My grandfather is a self-made man. By that I mean he was a road construction worker who went on to become one of the most influential and powerful men in his town with vast amounts of farmland employing a large number of people. What I’m trying to say is that the kind of life and success he has had has given him the right be accepting of nothing short of greatness. But he wants nothing more than for his grandchildren to succeed and having done that himself I find it very hard to argue with his philosophies. The things this man has gone through has made my head reel and when he talks I just shut the fuck up and take notes.

Here are just a few:

  1. Your Decision is everything: Once you make up your mind and decide on a path, then nothing can stop you. The problem is that most of us don’t choose. We let life choose for us. It has to be our choice to follow a path if we want to truly succeed.
  2. Trust yourself: So much so, that it doesn’t matter if anyone else does or not. If you trust in your abilities and know you can make it then just go ahead and don’t depend on others to believe and validate you.
  3. You can’t feed others when you’re hungry: This was his subtle way of saying that you need to take care of yourself first to serve others adequately. You can’t be sick and try to help others. It won’t last. So put yourself first.
  4. Standing on your own feet is your biggest achievement: You don’t owe anyone anything. Not even your parents. Your most significant success is for you to be utterly independent without the need to lean on anyone else for support. Financially, emotionally or spiritually.
  5. Don’t get comfortable in life: Everything in life is ephemeral. Wealth and power especially. This was his favorite thing to say “I have lived with just some rice and 1 tomato a week and I can live like that again”. So don’t get comfortable.
  6. You have nothing to prove to society: Society’s job is to judge you. Don’t let that bother you. You are enough, and you are always enough. It’s not your job to try to impress them. Screw them.
  7. Don’t let anyone else define who you are: Buying a fancy car, building a big house and throwing parties to impress people you don’t even like doesn’t define you as a person.Don’t let others perception of you determine who you are.Don’t let material things define you. Let your character and work ethic determine who you are.

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