It’s ok.

Second guessing our every action and trying to look as dignified and respectable to the outside world is a lie one cannot keep up.
The more I travel the more I realize we need to stop being such stuck up, self-conscious little pricks, who think that the only way we are likable is if we portray that we are infallible perfect human beings. Stop worrying so much about what others think of us.Who cares about their judgment. For the most part, it’s all in our heads. Nobody cares about us and what we do as much as we think they do. Instead, why can’t we just realize it OK to:

  1. Live freely.
  2. Live unapologetically.
  3. Speak your mind.
  4. Smile at a stranger.
  5. Talk to a stranger.
  6. Laugh out loudly without caring what others think.
  7. Sing your heart out.
  8. Skip a step and Dance when your favorite tune comes on.
  9. Compliment a stranger.
  10. Help a stranger someone without being asked.
  11. Talk to yourself.
  12. Sit and enjoy by yourself.

Fuck what others think. It’s ok to do what you want. Whatever you want.

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