HIIT Overdose

I’m sick of the HIIT epidemic going on. This obsession of making anyone new to fitness go through hell has somehow become the norm. Somehow being more intense and brutal in treating the clients, the better the coach is considered to be. Proudly putting up videos on Instagram about harassing the client’s cos apparently that’s the only way to make them lose fat and get fit. Bullshit!!!

HIIT has a place in training. But if it’s the only tool the coach uses then he or she should get their ass fired on the spot. Preferably publicly. Most certainly humiliatingly. If they can put up videos of you grunting with sweat-stained pants while trying your best not to fart and pass out in public, then it’s the least you can do.

HIIT should be used only after a certain level of basic training. Cos if you’re doing HIIT especially with weights, after a while your form will break down. And if you’re not familiar with the movements and new to lifting, you can get yourself so badly injured that you would have been better off getting a cardiac arrest instead.

Instant gratification is a dangerous game. 10 years of unhealthy eating but the coach wants you fit in 10 hours so they can post pics of your before and after semi-naked body on their Instagram page. But nobody talks about the after.What happens after the ‘after’ pic is taken. How long can the crash diet and intense exercise be sustained? Most people give up. Because life happens. You’re never going to be on a lifetime diet. And when you return to your old eating habits it’s the end. And people who push themselves really hard in the beginning always quit. Because you cannot be result oriented. If you use HIIT to get to a certain result weight or body fat you might reach it but what then? Having a result oriented approach is just wrong. Instead, you should focus on enjoying the process. You will never stick to HIIT unless you start enjoying doing HIIT. After Decades of sitting on a chair in a dark room and masturbating, you can’t suddenly go run a marathon. Start slow, till you grow. It’s the only way you’ll make lasting changes. Otherwise, you’re only moving the scale. And eventually, it will come back to where you started.

Here’s my training advice for a complete novice:

  1. Before running, try to jog. Before jogging, try to walk. Keep walking till you really enjoy being outdoors just walking.
  2. Not more than 3 gym sessions a week in the first 3 months.
  3. Not more than 4 gym sessions the next 3 months.
  4. No added weights barbell movements for the first 3 weeks till your body learns the mechanics of the movements.
  5. First 3 months only Upper Body and lower body splits.
  6. When in doubt squat. When you’re sure, squat some more.

The faster you fall in love, the faster you fall out. Taking it slow never killed anyone.

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