Big Risks

Photo: Jimmy Chin

There are 2 types of risk takers. Those who do something out of sheer bravery hoping everything turns out ok and those who know themselves so well that they believe they can do something that nobody else thinks is possible. If you pull it off, you’re considered amazing and brave. If not, you’re considered stupid for even trying.

What they don’t tell you about risk takers either in business, or sports or someone like Alex Honnold who free soloed Yosemite’s El Capitan is that they didn’t just wake up one day and decide to take the biggest risk of their lifetime. They started small. They practiced. Took small leaps. Small jumps. They learned. They grew. They moved to bigger leaps. Bigger jumps. Until one day they knew that they can do something nobody can even fathom.

So take risks. And keep at it till you know yourself so well that you are ready to free solo a mountain. No matter what your mountain is.

The biggest risk you can take is not taking one.

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