That one friend.

You know that idiot friend, the one who never moved from your hometown?
The one you used to play football with growing up and he was better than you?
The one who was the mastermind of every idiotic plan you two hatched?
With whom you tried your first cigarette?
The one who bought you your first beer?
Was the one responsible for all the drunken blackouts?
The one who you chased the girls with?
The one who went out and bought condoms when you were about to get lucky?
The one who was responsible for your declining grades?
The one who your mom thought was a saint but was actually Satan himself?
The one who failed all the tests and got mad at you for passing? The one Who encouraged you to go for that big job interview even though you didn’t want to?
The one who encouraged you to make the move to the big city while he stayed back?
The one who you neglected as you got busy with your new job? The one who was no longer in the same social class as you, Or so you thought?
The one whom you felt embarrassed to be with at fancy restaurants cos he didn’t follow the right etiquettes?
The one whom the success coaches said you have to cut off in order to move ahead in life? And you thought you should?

No matter how much success you’re promised for cutting off your loser friend, it’s that friend who matters most.
It’s that friend who has your back when your city life goes to shit.
It’s that friend who can make you laugh the hardest and without pretense.
It’s that friend who makes coming to your hometown feel complete.

It’s that friend with whom you can bare your soul without being judged.
It’s that friend who can really understand how miserable your job and city life is making you.
It’s that friend that makes you realize what an awesome childhood you have had.
It’s that friend who makes life worth enjoying.

So screw your success coach. Never cut off that friend. Cos there are several ways to make more money or move up the ladder. There’s no way to make another childhood friend.

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