Pick the One you like.

The most common question I get asked is “which work out plan to follow?”. “Which is the best diet?”. “Which fitness YouTubers should I follow?”. “Should I do CrossFit?” “I’ve been doing this workout should I change?”. “I heard about this diet, is it better than the one I follow?”. My answer always tends to disappoint people. Followed by a tendency to call me names.

My answer is always “it doesn’t matter, just pick the one you like.” I can see the disappointment on their faces. Along with a look like they think I’m a douchebag. Well, I am a douchebag. But for different reasons. The reason I say “pick the one you like” is because I was in their shoes once. I have tried every possible variations and combination of workouts and diets. But the only thing that actually mattered was doing it. Anything.

The problem is we have too many to choose from. The real question we are asking not “What if that’s better?” or “What if I’m doing it wrong?” but rather, “what if there’s an easier way.” Hence my answer, “It doesn’t matter, just pick the one you like.” A smoother pen wouldn’t make Hemingway a better writer. A better paintbrush wouldn’t make Michelangelo a better painter. These are our excuses for our meager effort. There’s no golden ticket. No secret pathway. Pick the one you like cos that’s the one you might stick to, and just do it.

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