New Age Friendship

Friendships were built on trust. Trust that your friend wouldn’t object to you when you asked to ride their bike or drive their new car. This was what was expected of me growing up. To lend my bike to my friend because he wanted to impress a girl. Trust that when I get thrown out of class my friend would walk out too and ditch the rest of the classes. Trust that I would be taken care of no matter how drunk I got that night.That if I got lucky my friend would be there to secretly hand me condoms.That was trust.

I take it things have changed a bit.I was speaking to a young acquaintance who had a different take on trust and friendship. For her, her friends were the ones who liked her posts first. The ones who understand what her hashtags mean, ones who send snap chats to show her what their day was like.The ones who take post only the best pictures of her online. All great qualities to look for in a friend I’m sure.

Somewhere along the way, we have gone from sharing lunches to tagging each other in our lunch pics. Playing with toys together, to playing candy crush on our phones with each other, playing football together to playing Fifa online, encouraging your friend to ask the girl out, to choosing whom your friend swipes right to, from talking to each other to texting, meeting up to FaceTiming.

I think the biggest problem of all is that we care about friends liking our pictures than actually liking us.

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