Controlling Anything

You know that nonstop chatterbox in your head? That annoying voice that actually sounds very different in your head from your actual voice but is yours nevertheless? That’s the only thing you need to have control over. Yes, I know that it’s technically just you but is it though? Doesn’t it feel like it has a mind of its own? And if anything, it has direct control over your feelings. The rest of your body might be under your control, but the key to controlling your emotions is by controlling that voice. It’s your biggest enemy and your greatest friend. It can trick you and play you for the fool that you are or it can make you rise from the ashes and slay the dragon.

Here’s a little experiment. You know how you get hangry? And you get super annoyed with anyone and everyone around lunchtime even though they have done nothing wrong? It’s mainly cos the voice in your head is going” Lunch! Lunch! I need food! How dare they give me more work or ask you stupid questions at this hour! Don’t they know you haven’t eaten?!” and that anger resonates throughout your body and you become visibly upset and angry. Now, if you were on a deliberate fast let’s say following intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating. You start to notice the hunger, but you don’t get annoyed or angry. Now, why is that? The only difference is that the voice in your head is saying “ Ok I’m hungry, but I still have a few more hours to go,” and your body syncs up. Our mindset is everything.

Think of fatigue. If you have to unexpectedly walk a long distance, Maybe cos the car or bike isn’t working, or you have been forced to go shopping against your will. After a while, every step seems miserable. And you take every chance you get to sit down. Anyone who has ever gone shopping out of fear of losing their relationship knows this feeling. Yet, when we are at the gym, we walk or run much longer, and we aren’t miserable. I mean, some of the might be, but it’s not the same kind of exhaustion and loathing. Every miserable step is welcomed cos you know that’s the whole point of it. Cos you’re getting fitter and stronger, and you want to keep going. You love waking up with sore muscles cos you know the previous day’s workout was effective. But if you wake up with soreness from something you did undesirably like cleaning out the garage or fixing your old lawn mower, you will crib about it every chance you get.

The hardest thing to change is your actions. The easiest thing you can change is your mindset. The next time you start getting annoyed at something, just convert that into something positive. It might not stop the misery, but at least you won’t feel miserable.

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