This is what’s killing your dreams !

You are browsing online and you come across a story of a teenager who is making money in a month than you would hope to make in a year after your next promotion. And usually, it’s doing some odd thing on the internet cos nobody ever wanted to pursue a new career for which you had to put significant effort or study.

The most common ones I have heard people talk about is starting a Youtube channel, vlogging, gaming with Twitch, starting a tech blog, starting a drop shipping company, starting a meme page on Instagram and countless other ideas. Something most people can start with the resources they already have. You’re super excited. You tell your best friend and you are both pumped. And then this is the trajectory that 95% of the ideas follows:


What we can concur from this highly sophisticated scientifically proven chart, is that what’s killing your dreams is TIME! As soon as an idea is born, Time, the idea killer gets a notification. It then starts chasing the dream till it eventually catches it and kills it.The only way to escape is for you to run with it.Those who are actually chasing their dreams, all have one thing in common.They didn’t sit on their idea or dream, waiting for time to kill it. Instead, they just ran with it. That’s the only way to escape from the deathly grip of time.

And if you do decide to run with the idea, you ll get a helping hand from something called momentum.

So stop thinking and start running with whatever you want to achieve otherwise it’s just a matter of time till it gets killed and eaten.

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