One night in Budapest 2016

In 2016 I traveled to 6 countries Germany, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and around Sweden. Unfortunately, my university commitments in 2017 have kept me away from traveling. My plan for 2017 was to travel to 7 countries but it’s already June and the count is still 0. I did get a chance to go home to India and travel to various cities in India but I guess it doesn’t count. It’s funny what really counts though. Does it count if you go to a city for just half a day and all you do is take a picture for Instagram? People, who are placed droppers, who only care about Instagram pictures and Facebook check-ins and couldn’t care less about actually experiencing the new city, culture and the people?

Cologne 2016

My summer plan is to travel across Europe. To cities, i haven’t been to yet. I spent the entire day looking at flights and trains to the various cities that I plan to visit. As always I waited until the last minute to book tickets and it’s going to burn a pretty serious hole in my already empty pocket. But YOLO, right? Right?

Zurich 2016

But I’m excited. I ll share my plans soon. Maybe make a mini-series to take you all with me on the journey.

Stay Tuned. Exciting month ahead.

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