A thank you note.

What is it about being humble and showing real emotion that seems laughable, cringe-worthy or just plain weird? I’m not talking about the fake words we say like sorry when you bump into someone or the most heartless thank you to someone who just handed you something.Sometimes we mean it and our eyes show it. But most of the time we don’t mean what we say. We say those words countless times a day. As a matter of fact the words “Thank You” and “Sorry” which, in my opinion, reflect the most innate human qualities is now just a reflex. We say it without even thinking, let alone mean it. We say it because otherwise, the society deems us rude. Uncultured. But Why say something if we don’t mean it? But more importantly, why not say it if you do? We say these words all the time in social situations but with someone close or a dear friend or just someone who genuinely helps you, it feels weird to open up and really thank them from the bottom of your heart. You suddenly get scared of being judged as inferior. Like somehow you lose something by opening up. How many times do you wholehearted thank a friend for doing something for you? Not just the regular “ Hey, thanks, man!” but a genuine appreciative look in the eye that’s worth a thousand words? We all have experienced it. Like sometimes when you do something nice to a complete stranger and they might not have said thank you but the look of sincere appreciation says it all. And you both instantly know it. It feels real. Genuine. And It feels great.

Start today. Thank 2 people who have helped you without expecting anything in return. Don’t even say it. Just write a little thank you note.

My list for today:

  1. Mom. Not cos it happens to be Mother’s day here in Sweden. But cos I’m a selfish narcissistic cunt who doesn’t appreciate all that my mom has done for me.
  2. A person from my old team. Who always looked out for me, realized my shortcomings and went out of her way to make meetings and communication easier for me. I really appreciate it. Even if I didn’t say it at the time.

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