Daily Rituals

Most of us have at least one thing that you do every single day without which you feel incomplete. These little habits you pick up that makes or breaks your day. Simple pleasures. The small things in life. And it’s very personal. I firmly believe that no two people can have the same rituals in life. For example, 2 people can do the same thing but it doesn’t turn into a ritual till they have really personalized it. For example, everyone wakes up and has a cup of coffee. But, the act of drinking coffee by itself is not a ritual. It’s how you drink your coffee, the special way you make it that only you like, what you do when you have that first sip? do you like reading the newspaper, or step out onto the balcony and smell the fresh morning air while having that first sip?
So it’s never just the act itself but a combination of it and personalization that makes it a ritual. Your ritual. Drinking the same coffee in a different setting just doesn’t quite give the same feeling.

Here are some of my current rituals:

  1. Green tea in the morning while I read Wired. My current favorite Green tea is Gunpowder by Alnatura.
  2. T&t. That’s Twitter & toilet.
  3. Reading at least one article about science or technology or politics that makes me look out the window and wonder why I hadn’t thought about it that way. Usually Wired nails it. Or Spiegel.
  4. Hitting the gym or an intense group training session and walking back home.
  5. An excuse to step outside to let the wind hit my face and take a long breath.
  6. Green tea in the evening with vlogs.
  7. Dinner while watching a nice show. Currently, it’s the show silicon valley.

I think the most important thing in the world is to have these little rituals in life. I think of them as reset buttons for my brain. Just when I think I’m losing my sanity, I go do one of my rituals and it kind of resets my brain. Like an old typewriter when it’s at the end of the line and needs to be reset at the start of the next line.You go till the edge, have a shot of your daily ritual, had return back to the start and the process continues. And when I don’t have that daily reset points do I start losing my fucking mind.

Think about what your rituals are. The next time when you do them appreciate these little moments.

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