Bad Decisions

If I were to think back and ponder about all the decisions I have ever taken, I bet 80% of them were probably wrong. Either, it was a bad decision because of the timing, bad due to the consequences or wrong due to the intentions. Yet here I am doing well for the most part. Well, at least I’m still alive. Thinking back on some of the decisions I really wonder how. Motorbike racing in the busy streets of India, without a helmet, trying stunts on motorbikes without any protective gear, wrestling, jumping off of ledges of buildings, well pretty much every activity in my teenage years can be more or less questionable. And by some weird throw of the dice by the universe, I’m still here to tell the tale.

Then there are the other decisions. The ones your family and friends find it hard to understand. Decisions to leave your hometown, move to a big city, break up with a long-term girlfriend, random decisions like quitting your job to travel, the decision to buy a house when you can’t even afford rent.
Somehow these decisions which seem so crazy, end up working out. You make them work. These don’t depend on blind luck. But entirely on the person making them. These decisions take a different kind of courage.A different kind of fearlessness. It takes a person of courage and fortitude to make them and stick to them when the going gets tough. We all know that one friend who boldly decided to quit his job and go out on his own. You make fun of him and say he’s stupid cos he’s doing everything you secretly hope you dared to do. The funny thing is, we realize later on in life that riskier the decision, bigger the prize. Crazier the decision, better the outcome. The most miserable people are the ones who never make risky choices.

Playing it safe will get you to exactly where you never wanted to be.

Every time I’m at the crossroads, I look back at this short but crazy life I’ve had. All the insane decisions are the ones that have resulted in the most fun.The ones that have made me who I am. The reason I’m fearless. Reason small things don’t throw me off and ruin my day.

Good decisions comes from experience.

Experience comes from bad decisions.

-Ancient Indian saying

The reason I can handle pressure and take on tasks that I have no discernible reason to believe I can accomplish. But that’s the reason I know I will. Cos I have done it before, and I know I can do it again. It’s the series of bad decisions that make me make the right ones when I need to. Or turn the wrong ones into right.

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