Most of us procrastinate. On something. That’s the problem with having no deadlines. No accountability. In any creative endeavors, the tendency to procrastinate is especially strong. What Steven Pressfield calls ‘Resistance’. The aptest description of procrastination. Internal resistance to act. To create.

But what I noticed is that it’s possible to beat resistance in the beginning. All it takes is a modicum of self-discipline. Why you need to read Steven Pressfield’s book ‘The War of Art’ is cos eventually, the resistance gets stronger. The more you create and pile on consecutive productive days, stronger the resistance gets and more cunning the tactics that it uses to beat you.

Step 1 to beating it and keep beating it, is to recognize it. Recognize that your unnatural hunger, urge to clean, browse social media, go out, talk, waste time, masturbate, focus on unimportant trivial tasks are all tricks that the resistance uses to keep you from accomplishing something meaningful. Something great.From Creating great art.

So recognize the resistance. Acknowledge it. Like a ninja bowing down to acknowledge his opponent before the fight begins. Then slay it.

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