About Me

Things I love:

Reading, Learning new things, new technology,  fitness, traveling, trekking, green tea, biriyani, stand up comedy, new ideas, nonconventional or contrarian ideas, biriyani, exploring new places,spontaneous travel, body hacking, brain hacking,  guys I really love biriyani, podcasts, beer and long drives (not together Of course).

My side Projects: 

1) www.artoflaziness.comHere’s where I want to collect all the ideas and teachings from books and people I admire from the tech, fitness and investing world.  The goal is to create a fun, entertaining and easy way for lazy people like me to learn about Productivity, Health, and Investing.

2) www.untachedtech.com: An E-commerce store which caters to those who love wireless tech.

3)  A new project I’m thinking of starting: DataViz.one: A website that teaches and sells templates for anyone to transform their data into beautiful and engaging visualizations using Qlik Sense and Tableau.

Books: https://artoflaziness.com/shop/ 

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